Current & Former NHL Family Testimonials 


~"Where to begin with our love for Cena....  We discovered this hidden gem a couple years back and it has been a life saver!!  There are certain nights that between work, games, and life you just don't have the energy to get dinner going.  With the delicious, fresh, and healthy meals prepared at Cena it offers the luxury of a home cooked meal without the prep time!  It is even so simple that the man in your life can do it with no problems!  Kim and her entire staff are diligent about having a wide variety of dishes that cater to all dietary needs.  Would we recommend this place.... We would say it is a MUST DO!!!"


~Schoena and Jason Strudwick

Love at first sight…that is how I would describe our feelings toward Cena. Our family was introduced to Cena this fall and has been regular customers since. Between pre-game meals, game nights, work and life some days we just don’t have the time needed to prepare adequate meals.   Because nutrition plays a significant role in my Husband’s career, inadequate meals are just not an option…Cena to the RESCUE!  With quality, fresh and healthy ingredients Cena offers sophisticated meals with minimal prep time.  Cena also provides a wide variety of appetizers, side dishes and desserts so your family will never get bored.  Cena is simply amazing and we would recommend it to everyone! 


-Ryan and Jamie Jones


“OH !!! Where to begin, Kim and the staff at Cena have been the greatest blessing to our family.  Working full-time outside of the home with a husband who is on the road 60% of the time, finding the time to make a healthy, tasty meal every night can be a challenge.  The Cena meals both in taste and quality are amazing and each member of the family has developed their own favorites….We argue over which is the best and what to have for dinner… The Marsala is to die for!!!! And Steve can’t ever get enough Almond Chicken….. Kim we love you!!!!


    -----The MacIntyre’s”


The service at Cena is outstanding.  In these days of compromised service at so many places, Cena is the one place I enjoy spending my hard earned money at.  The food is awesome, all fresh ingredients and no preservatives so it really is just like I made it in my own kitchen; but so much better because I didn’t have to buy any ingredients (or clean up!).  There are so many options, too.  If my time is limited, I can pick pre-prepared meals from Cena’s fridge and freezer.  What’s fun though is preparing my meals – as many as I want.  The gang at Cena are always friendly, helpful, and fun.   Kim, Deb and all the other gals remember my name and really go out of their way to make me feel at home and like a valued customer. With all the customers that they have, they even remember what my husband and I like to eat, which is remarkable!  I highly recommend Cena to any family, big or small.

Linda Simpson  



Client Comments from our Christmas Dinner! 

Cena made my Christmas the most laid back and stress free Christmas I’ve ever hosted!  All I had to do was figure out what dishes to put things in. 
The quality was excellent!  Everyone commented on how tasty the food was.  The pricing was more than reasonable as you would have paid as much for the ingredients to make it yourself, plus the work of preparing it.  I have been telling everyone I know about Cena, unfortunately most of my friends are in Edmonton, but anyone I know from Sherwood Park I tell them about my positive experience with Cena.  I hope your business is going well as I would hate to lose Cena as it’s saved my life on more than one occasion.

Monica G.

We enjoyed the Cena Xmas dinner immensely!  We had lefft overs for a couple days so it was VERY ECONOMICAl also!  The quality was excellent.

Shelia K.

I LOVED the Christmas dinner.  The food was great, I felt it was a good value and a fantastic time saver.  Hope you do it again next year...sign me up now!

Hedi C.

Hi Kim,

It was Excellent.  Yes I would recommend it to anyone.  We all loved it - babies included!  It was just perfect and the perfect value.

Thanks again!

Lori G.

General Client Testimonials on our Meals 

“We all absolutely love our new dinners from Cena.  Every night is an adventure and we have not had one meal that we did not enjoy.  I cannot even think of anything that I would change about any of them.  We are saving tons of money from not eating out because we now have a restaurant in the freezer.  Also, I am not running to the grocery store all the time, and that is terrific.  All around, I am very pleased that I “found” you.

Keep up the excellent work, we appreciate it and hope that you are around for a long long time.” 

Connie S.

“My husband and I are absolutely  LOVING the meals - we haven't had one yet that wasn't absolutely delicious.  

 We'll be back soon,”

 Karen S

“We love them ~ thank you!!  We especially loved the Shrimp Pad Thai.  Will you be offering this meal again anytime soon?  I have looked ( and searched for) this recipe and have found many different ingredients than the one used at Cena.....my family really loved the Cena recipe, so hopefully you'll have it again....

I plan on booking sometime before the end of the month of I hope.”

Dawn C

“So far the meals have been awesome!!  Super easy to make and really tasty!  I think we will be back!  Oh, and the prep was really easy and straightforward.  And I liked not having to clean up after lol!”

 Caroline L

"LOVE THEM!!!I will definitely be back to make some more."

Kim C

“I really enjoy the meals. It is such a great idea and clean-up at home is just a snap! I FIND THE BIGGEST HEADACHE OF ALL FOR MEAL PREP IS “WHAT TO MAKE” AND WITH YOUR BUSINESS IT BECOMES A NO-BRAINER FOR me. My daughter, Kristin & I use it a lot and we are trying to hook-up another group.”

 Pat V

“My family and I are enjoying our meals very much! It’s so great being able to pull it out of the freezer the night before and know that you don't need to prepare anything the next day. Very  convenient and very delicious!”

 Sandra S

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